Some organizations are working superbly like Edhi Foundation,Shaukat Khanam Hospital,Selani Welfare Trust and Chippa Welfare Association...
They are working on donations by the generous people of Pakistan.I have made this page to give the links and very brief introduction about those great and awesome organizations.
In the first paragraph,I have written about some of organizations...they are very famous and are known world wide.But the main purpose of this page is to provide the information and sources about those organizations which are not so renowned but working very good in the country.For instance,Pakistan Sweet Homes is the organization which is now having adopted 2800 orphan children,but it's not so famous.So I take initiative to write about that type of great organizations which are working for the welfare of mankind.They all are 100% corruption free,you can judge this by their works for mankind.
Donate these Organizations,so they will be able to work efficiently in serving the people.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

Imran Khan,winning captain of Pakistan cricket team,founded this hospital in 1994.The death of her mother Mrs.Shaukat Khanum from Cancer was the inspiration for him.240 million$ were spent on the building on this hospital,all of this money was given by the generous people of Pakistan.Now,its expenses are more than 2 billion Rs/-. Every year people give donation to this hospital very happily.Now,there is a link by clicking it you will reach on the official website of this hospital from where you can get all the information how to donate the fund.

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Edhi Foundation  

The Edhi Foundation is a non-profit social welfare program in Pakistan, founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi in 1947. Edhi is the head of the organization and his wife Bilquis, a nurse, oversees the maternity and adoption services of the foundation. Its headquarters are in Karachi, Pakistan.
The Edhi Foundation provides 24-hour emergency assistance across the nation of Pakistan and abroad. The Foundation provides, among many other services, shelter for the destitute, free hospitals and medical care, drug rehabilitation services, and national and international relief efforts. Its main focuses are Emergency Services, Orphans, Handicapped Persons, Shelters, Education, Healthcare, International Community Centers, Blood & Drug Bank, air ambulance services, Marine And Coastal Services.(by wikipedia)

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Chhipa Welfare Association®
Chhipa Welfare Association is purely a non-profit, Non-Government Organization in public sector registered with Government of Pakistan & Government of Sindh vide Registration No. DSW(2068)-K, which is daily running a big fleet of Chhipa Ambulances equipped with first-aid box, oxygen cylinder and paramedic for the causes and services to common people without any discrimination of caste creed or colour and for saving the precious human lives without affiliation with any political or religious party or any ethnic group/trust. Eminent social worker, Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa is Founder & Chairman of this welfare organization. 
Chhipa Welfare daily provides  2 times free foods to thousands of the poor, labours and low-income group worried & starving people on Chhipa Dastarkhawans spread over at all Chhipa Centers with respect, proper attention and due care regularly, so that from the savings they can spend money on their children’s education, health and utility bills and could heave a sigh of relief in these days of great hardship. 
Chhipa Welfare has placed Chhipa Palna (Cradle) at all Chhipa Emergency Ambulance Centers with an appeal to people to calmly throw the un-wanted newly born child in Chhipa Palna (Cradle) for adoption by interested childless married couple registered with Chhipa Head Office who gladly want to adopt and bring up the deserted newly born minor child to make worthy citizen of country, which is most admirable step of Social Worker Mr. CHHIPA. 
Chhipa also gets out of ocean drowned people through expert divers posted on the brink of ocean. This measure has reduced death toll and suicide attempts of general public. 
Chhipa also remains busy with distribution of Free Monthly Ration to the poor white-collared families, free medicines, free clothes, blankets, etc., to the deserving indigent people and many others social and welfare activities, humanitarian work, financial helps and supports to the poor worried aged persons, widows, orphans, paupers & daily wages workers every month round the year.(by

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Ali Zaib Foundation

Ali Zaib Foundation is a non profit charitable organization. It is a symbol of hope for millions of blood disease carriers in Pakistan. It  was established in 1995 under the pathetic feeling of film star Muhammad Ali (pride of performance) it is a registered organization starting with a small center and a handful volunteers Ali Zaib Foundation has grown into the largest organization of its kind, staffed by the professional team of physicians and trained workers.
                     Today over 3500 patients receive first class services through its state of the art medical equipment. We collected over 180,000 pints of blood from various blood camps. To ensure a regular supply of healthy blood for such patients, Ali Zaib Foundation needs your whole hearted support. To ensure the use of FDA/CE approved high quality material and equipment for the treatment of Thalassemia, Heamophilia and other genetic blood disorders. To achieve managerial and technical excellence in the field of blood banking and haematological services.
             Over the past decade, Ali Zaib Foundation has established itself as a centre of excellence providing comprehensive care free of cost to thousand of indigent thalassemia patients. This pioneering, state-of-art centre located in the Faisalabad. As a charitable institute, it is funded predominantly from the donations of friends and well-wishers from around the country. (

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Pakistan Sweet Home 
 This is first time in Pakistan Human kind History ever that any govt. has initiated steps in upbringing orphans all over Pakistan. We have, till now, housed 2800 poorest orphans in our set up namely “Pakistan Sweet Homes” where they are provided with highest quality of shelter, food, commendable protective care and education.
To provide poor orphan children shelter, food, medical care, education and social protection.
Liaison the Bridge between Orphan Children and philanthropist kind hearted people
To safeguard their future and groom them as a useful and responsible member of society.

  • Poor orphans in terms of parental loss.
  • Children aging between 4-6 years, so that they can start from nursery of school. One child from one family:  Aim is to benefit maximum number of families with an ultimate goal to shore up one person from a family. who can become a helping hand to the other members of family .
  • Two or more children from same family can be considered for admission in case of double parental loss.

Pakistan Bait ul Mal (PBM) is privileged to have its organizational infrastructure across the country encompassing all Districts where efficient staff has been deputed. We have a twenty years experience in yielding social services thus allowing us to conduct the initial survey for listing of deserving orphans with indigenous resources. However the admission criteria involve the following procedure:
a)   Initial survey by District office team led by an Assistant Director / District Officer
b)   Submission of Death Certificate of the father of the orphan by guardian issued from any government agency.
c)   Submission of birth certificate of child issued by NADRA.
d)   Verification of the status of the orphan by District Officer of PBM.
e)   Physical test by any government health agency / hospital
f)    Short-listing of the deserving children by a competent committee comprised of senior officers on the basis of details given vide a,b,c,d and e.

Total Strength: 100 children
Head In-charge: A female; to manage and supervise the entire activities of the children and staff of a particular Centre.
Mother maids: 7 Females , one each for 14 children to take care of them like a mother , help them in changing dress, prepare them for school, lead them to dining hall on scheduled hours, set up their time table for various activities as well as day and night care.
Receptionist: To manage visitors and Guardian’s affairs.
Accountant: To manage all accounts affairs
Kitchen Staff: One head cook, 3 helpers, 3 waiters for serving the children three times a day.
Cleaning Staff: 6 sweepers alternate duties
Dispensary: One female nurse 24/7 to handle any mishap or emergency situation equipped with a stand by Ambulance in each centre
One Qaria (female/male) to impart Islamic Education
Computer Labs: All the centers are facilitated with a computer lab in order to provide Computer Education, a computer instructor has been inducted who comes in evening for the similar purpose.
Extra School Coaching: Two teachers have been engaged for extra coaching of orphans to get their home work.
Schooling: Best schools of the town offering excellent curriculum to the students of early classes, have been preferred for the education of these orphan children. Our children are attending The Educators School, Sadique Public School, Bahriya Foundation Schools and the education systems of similar stature.
Workshops: we arrange workshops in collaboration with different NGOs for the grooming and capacity building of enrolled orphans.
Nutritionists: We also invite different nutritionists to check their balanced diet time to time.
Medical Assistance: we also facilitate them medical facilities thorough regular check ups while they go to their guardians till they rejoin the Center.  

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Saylani Welfare Trust


 Al-Hamdollilah! By the grace of Allah, this organization is serving the poor and the distressed people of our society since 5th May 1999. We are a part of a society where the majority of the people residing in villages and towns are living below the poverty line and even deprived of the basic necessities of life.
Now let us take a look at the life of the people living in cities, where unfortunately living conditions are not much different. If we examine their family size, we find a very painful situation, where in a small rented house the husband and the wife with their four children survive with a very low earning.
In today’s world where inflation is at its peak, it is impossible for them to pay for their electricity, children’s education and any medical treatment of any family member.

How will the head of the family be able to provide for the needs of his children?? The result: he takes loans. He is not to be blamed because he is responsible to provide three meals a day for his family and he is forced to use the wrong means to fulfill his family’s needs.
Undoubtedly, the poor and the needy are helpless. Our organization spends time with them and is fully aware of their problems and weaknesses. Therefore we want to help them in such a way that all financial aid is free from interest. In view of all the difficulties faced by the poor, Saylani Welfare International Trust has organized 31 different sectors to sort out the problems of the ones who are in need. These departments are efficiently working for the cause of the society.
By the Grace of the Almighty Allah, it can be proudly said that this organization has become a back-bone of the poor society and provides help after a complete inquiry survey. This organization receives aid from different parts of the world. Each and every penny is spent after a strict inquiry and a utilization report is delivered to those who send this aid to us. In this report, addresses of the people to whom these donations have been given, is mentioned with details. This shows that your money has been given to the right people. You can also contact these people with the help of their addresses and get a confirmation whether the organization has provided them with the aid and if they are really the ones who deserve. In a way, your sadaqa or zakaat is being spent with your own hands. Our aim is to inquire and survey to find the ones who need us. (

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