My Mission

Why I need to make this blog?
After the so-called militant attack of 9/11 , America indulged Pakistan in a so-called War of Terrorism,in which total 40,000 people has been martyred,30,000 are civilian and 10,000 are soldiers.After this,a wave of terrorism run in the whole Pakistan...Different Enemy countries are involved in this terrorism in Pakistan.Due to this crucial uncertainty and terrorism,many countries stopped investing in Pakistan.
Investment is very less results in weak economy.

My Mission: By this blog,I want to show the world the real face of Pakistan.Many a people in the world think that Pakistan is terrorist state.If we go there,we will be killed or kidnapped but there is nothing such type of happening occurs...Pakistan is safe country.Foreigners think that if ,there, we will land in Pakistan,we are to face firing and terrorizing environment of the country.But there is nothing of such type....

My mission is to tell the world the about the Pakistan.Now,Pakistan is becoming safe and is most suitable country to invest in.By showing the positive aspects of Pakistan,I want to convince the people the Pakistan is really the good country and people are very loving and convince the foreigners to invest in.

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