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Pakistan – UN Peace Missions

Pakistan is largest contributor to UN Peace Missions. Pakistan is contributing to UN peacekeeping since 1960 and is the single largest contributor of UN peacekeeping forces, with more than 11,000 Pakistani military personnel serving in UN peacekeeping operations worldwide.
The Pakistan contingent for the UN Assistance Mission in Sierra Leone in 1999-2005 has been cited by the UN Peacekeeping Headquarters as a “Role Model for all UN Missions.”

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Math Ambassador

Math Ambassador
13 year old, Moosa Feroz surpassed 1.4 million children from across the globe and came first in the Online World Mathematics Competition held in Australia.
Moosa had bagged first position in an online World Mathematics Competition held in Australia. He secured the first spot among 1.4 million students across the world. The Australian government on Thursday made Moosa Firoz, a 13-year old student from Phalia district of Punjab, a ‘Math Ambassador’.
Moosa secured 4,405 points and got the first place while another Pakistani student Hasnain got second position in the competition with 4,303 points in 11-13 years age category.
In the category of age 14-18 years, the country’s another student named Osama secured second place with 3,318 points. The math wizard said that he had been trying to win world math competition since 2009. “I had also clinched 5th spot in 2011.”
Dr Khaliq Dad Tararr (Father of Moosa Feroz)
“I am proud of my son who made Pakistan proud across the world with his untiring efforts and hard work.”
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Budding Talent: Arooj Aftab

Born in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia, Arooj Aftab was gifted with a captivating voice, that was nurtured in the arms of her music-loving parents. The family moved to Lahore, Pakistan for her education. At school she marveled the audience by showing her skills at the traditional Tabla. After completing her O-level from Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore, she decided to make the Guitar her signature style. She chose accounting and finance as her professional interests, but the love for music was never to die. During her A-level years at Lahore Grammar School, Arooj simultaneously took on line music classes offered by Berklee School of Music. Her song “Walking”, that she wrote at the age of fourteen, won the hearts of the jury of the college, and she won the first Steve Vai scholarships distributed by the college to a total of five candidates in year 2004.

Hence started her beautiful journey of music making, experimenting and engineering. Instead of her bedroom, boom-box, a couple of editing programs and home pc, she moved on to a real time studio with professional audio equipment. Along the way, she found perfect band members that shared the same dream: Brighu Sahni, Jorn Bielfeldt, Mario Carrillo, Stelios Michas and other friendly collaborators.
She wrote and composed melodious tracks that suited her soft personality. Her vision became clearer when merciless waters flooded her homeland in 2010, and sorrow-struck people were drowning in depths of despair. The patriotic voice inside her spoke out loud and she came up with a dutiful cause. For the purpose, she struck nostalgic cords for the people of the Green Land, to wind the clocks and take them back to an old chapter of their history. They had fought bravely against dark times, struggled out of chains of hopelessness and embraced enlightenment. They had built a country that earned the name “The Land of the Pure”. Thus her cause “Rebuild Pakistan” emerged as the voice of the Green Land in the US, and was devotedly supported by her band members. Now she is an internationally acclaimed Sufi singer, based in New York. Recently, Arooj Aftab has been mentioned in the top hundred composers under forty by NPR Music.

Arooj continues to enliven her heritage, re-singing old Pakistani numbers in her smooth, low voice, peppered with an air of acoustic instrumentation. She is indeed, by God's grace, on her way pursuing big dreams.

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ISI-The Best Intelligence Agency in the World

ISI is the best intelligence agency in world.Every year very small changes occur in rating of these agencies(rated by different institutions).But ISI is still occupying its first position.According to almost all ranking giving institution it occupies first position.

Intelligence agency is an official agency which works for own homeland.Basic purpose of this is get information for security and defence of own country. Intelligence agencies provide analysis in areas relevant to national security and give early warning of impending crises. The distinctive meaning of national security means freedom from foreign dictation. National security is the requirement to maintain the survival of the state through the use of economic, diplomacy, power projection and political power.

10. ASIS, Australia

Asis australia intelligence
Australian Secret Intelligence Service was created in 13 May 1952. Nick Warner is executive of ASIS. This is Australian government intelligence agency responsible for undertaking counter-intelligence activities and cooperation with other intelligence agencies overseas. Annual budget of ASIS is $263.3 Million.

9. RAW, India

Raw india intelligence
Research and Analysis Wing was formed 21 September 1968. After the poor performance of the Intelligence Bureau in the war of 1962 and 1965 convinced then government of India that a independent agency was required for competent external intelligence gathering.

8. MOSSAD, Israel

MOSSAD israel intelligence
It was created December 13, 1949 as the Central Institute for Coordination at the recommendation of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to Reuven Shiloah.

7. CSIS, Canada

csis picture
CSIS was formed in June 21, 1984, by Act of Parliament (Bill C-9). Richard Fadden is agency executive. CSIS is responsible to Parliament through the Minister of Public Safety, but is also overseen by the Federal Court system, the Inspector General of CSIS, and the Security Intelligence Review Committee.

6.  BND, Germany

bnd germany intelligence agency

This intelligence agency was formed on 1st April 1956. The 6050 officers are offering their services to BND. They are highly dependent on latest technology to share the secret information’s the national security.

5. DGSE, France

dgsce france intelligence
This secret agency was formed on 2nd April 1982. This ministry is under the General Lounquet. Their employees provide the secret information to the country.

4. FSB, Russia

fsb russia intelligence agency
This was formed on 3rd April 1995. Their employees are round about 300,000. They are responsible of their information about national matters, political, military, border security and other matters.

3. MI6, United kingdom

Mi6 intelligence agency
Mi6 was created on 1909 this ministry is under RT hon, William Hogue. Their headquarters are in vaxuall cross London. This is equal ant to CIA.

2. CIA, United states

CIA intelligence agency
CIA was formed on 18th September 1947. Their officers are almost 20,000. They are responsible to collect information from the inner state and foreign countries. They also responsible about policy decision.

1. ISI, Pakistan

isi intelligence agency of pakistan
This was formed in 1948 and their headquarters are in Islamabad, Pakistan.ISI has the lengthiest record of success, After the Indo-Pakistan war of 1947 this was formed in 1948. ISI have won more GOLD MEDALS than any other intelligence agency.They have the highest number of agents all over the world, almost 10,000, ISI is one of the strongest intelligence agencies of the world.ISI is under the lieutenant general Zaheer-ul-Islam.Pakistan is really proud of it!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Selena Gomez Honours Malala Yousafzai

A very popular American teenager pop-singer Selena Gomez honours Malala Yousafzai and she writes about her on her official website

Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 10:40 AM
Malala Yousafzai was shot and on Tuesday was getting treatment for serious wounds, but thousands of miles away it appears that Selena Gomez is looking to raise awareness for the issues. The young woman laying in the hospital is known for her education and women’s rights activism.

“Please honor Malala Yousafzai by spreading her message of children's right to an education,” tweeted Selena Gomez from her official Twitter account. The entertainer is a UNICEF spokeswoman and shared a UNICEF page where the fans could read about the young girl.

As Selena Gomez definitely is impacted by the tragedy, it was obvious she wanted to make a difference. Changing the icon on her page to Malala Yousafzai’s face and sharing more about the girl on her Facebook page, thousands of Selena Gomez fans couldn't miss the message.

“Our hearts are with Malala and her family at this time, and our foremost concern is for her full recovery,” reads the UNICEF page honoring the young woman.

Malala Yousafzai is currently in Britain receiving treatment. Hopeful to make a full recovery, the young woman has been outspoken in wanting education in her country and continued to do so, even laying on a gurney recovering.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pakistan ready for internationals: World XI players

KARACHI: Players from the visiting International World XI Monday said overseas teams should return to tour Pakistan soon, after two Twenty20s against an all-star home side passed off successfully at the weekend.
The exhibition games were the first appearances by high-profile foreign players in Pakistan since deadly militant attacks on the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore in March 2009 led to the suspension of international matches in the country.
The visitors’ captain Sanath Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka said international cricket should return to Pakistan.
“After these two matches I hope people will believe that Pakistan is a safe country for cricket,” he told reporters on his departure.
“We had two great days with good crowds coming and I am sure that with more efforts international cricket will return to Pakistan.”
Security was tight as capacity crowds of 32,000 packed into Karachi’s National Stadium – evidence, if it were needed, of the Pakistani public’s desperation to see top level cricket at home.
Jayasuriya, the dashing left-hander who was instrumental in Sri Lanka’s 1996 World Cup win, said he felt sad for the deprived people of Pakistan.
“It is unfortunate that the people of Pakistan are not getting international cricket on their grounds, but I am sure they will get it sooner than later,” he said.
Former South African Test bowler Andre Nel said Pakistan was ready to host foreign teams again.
“I was initially hesitant on touring,” said Nel, who played 36 Tests and 79 one-day internationals for South Africa until 2008.
“After these two well-organised matches I am sure Pakistan cannot be denied international cricket for long.”
The Pakistan Cricket Board, which distanced itself from the matches initially, said it hoped a platform had been set for the revival of the game.
“I hope these matches, despite being private, are a good step,” board chairman Zaka Ashraf told reporters on Sunday night. “We are doing our efforts and hope that we are able to convince teams to tour us.”
Zaka Ashraf said his board was in talks with Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and two other boards and hoped international cricket would be revived by as soon as next year.
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Pakistan Stars XI beat International World XI series of T-20 by 2-0

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pakistanis make world’s largest human flag to set world record

LAHORE: More than 24,000 Pakistanis Monday formed the world’s largest “human national flag” in the eastern city of Lahore, smashing a five-year-old record set in Hong Kong, officials said.

A total of 24,200 people stood up in the national hockey stadium to make the green and white Pakistani standard, smashing the 2007 record set by 21,726 people in Hong Kong.
“It’s amazing, amazing display of unity of 24,200 people here in Lahore tonight,” Guinness World Records adjudicator Gareth Deaves told a cheering crowd.
“Every single one of you holds this record,” he said, handing over the certificate to Punjab provincial government representative Hamza Shahbaz Sharif.
On Saturday night 42,813 people in the national hockey stadium sang the national anthem together, smashing the previous best of 15,243 held by India.
On Sunday total 8 records has been set by Pakistanis in a day and a record of most records in day has also been broken.

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Pakistanis Set 8 World Records in a Day (21 October 2012)

On Sunday(21 October 2012)....New world records were set in most martial arts kicks in three minutes, plug wiring, fastest chess set up, fastest time for cooking three chapattis (bread), pulling a truck by a mustache, fastest time for wearing a cricket kit, longest frog jump and most football headers.
The record for most kicks was set by Ahmad Amin Bodla, while the record of chess setup was broken by Mehek Gul. Mohammad Mansha broke the chappati making record.
Noman Anjum set the new world record in plug wiring. Mohammad Sadi a resident of Faisalabad set the world record of pulling a truck by a mustache. The record for football headers was set by Daniyal Gill and Qamar Zaman.
Jaleel-ul-Ehasan sets world record in fastest time wearing a cricket kit. The longest frog jump record was broken by Nauman Rafique and Shiraz.

A team from the Guinness Book of World Records is present at the festival to verify the records.

On Saturday(20 October 2012).... The record for most people singing a national anthem was broken by 42,813 peoples.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pakistan National Anthem World Record

It's now official 42813 people sang the national anthem at Lahore, breaking Indian record to make it into the Guinness world record. Congratulations Pakistan, a great moment.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chacha Cricket

Chaudhry Abdul Jalil aka Chacha Cricket is one of Pakistans most ardent and famous cricket mascots and fans. Translated from Urdu Chacha Cricket literally means Uncle Cricket. He was born in Sialkot Punjab on October 8 1949.
Jalil is regularly seen as a spectator at cricket matches involving Pakistan. He is easily recognized by his white beard, his full green shalwar kameez dress and his white cap decorated with a sequined star and crescent moon. He is always armed with a Pakistani flag and initiates many crowd chants.

is second name is Chacha Zaheer In the 1980s Jalil used to work in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates. He gained popularity by regularly attending cricket matches held in Sharjah wearing a green dress with a white star and crescent on it. He later resigned from his job and began to follow the Pakistan national team around the world on a full-time basis. Fellow Pakistan fans began to recognise him and he came to be known as Chacha Cricket. As his fame increased the Pakistan Cricket Board hired him and currently sponsor him to travel around the world following the Pakistan team.

While his support for Pakistan is very strong he remains good-natured and is also a popular figure amongst opposition fans such as Englands Barmy Army.

Friday, October 12, 2012

We Protest against the disrespect of our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.)

Honourable Malala Yousafzai

Honourable Malala Yousafzai is in critical stage,we all Pakistanis are praying for her,May ALLAH bless her with health....

Pakistani Hackers Take Down French Magazine Website for Publishing Blasphemous Cartoons

Pakistani hackers have taken down Charlie Hebdo website,a Satirical Weekly Magazine, which published cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) in its edition today.

Official website of Charlie Hebdo was immediately taken down by a group of Pakistani hackers, who claim to have targeted the website for publishing blasphemous cartoons.
Website, when last checked, was still inaccessible.

Hacker group which calls itself “Guardian of Honor of Prophet SAW” told ProPakistani over phone that insult of Prophet SAW led them to take this extreme step.

Charlie Hebdo magazine website is currently showing “Website Inaccessible” message, which is apparently short of resources due to a DoS attack. “Guardian of Honor of Prophet SAW” group is confident that they can keep the website down for indefinite time, until they realize their mistake.

In an email communication a member of hacker group wrote to ProPakistani:

The movement has begun, it will rise from heart of every Muslim regardless of age, color, cast and creed, with an aim to preach the masses that Freedom of Speech for hurting the sentiments of Muslims across the world is simply not acceptable.

Dual standards are evidently shown when the free speech is about holocaust but the world least care when they put blasphemous contents about our Prophet SAW.

We will fight till our last drop of blood. We don’t promote violence, instead we peacefully put the down the website that had posted blasphemous content today.

We are ready to close down any blasphemous content published by any group using sophisticated TCP SYN attacks.

This move also shows the world that Muslims can protest in a more peaceful and technological way, instead of killing innocent people.

The French government speaks about freedom of speech, where was the freedom of speech and religion, when they banned Burqa and hijab in france?

We are not a hacker organization or a group, We just demand justice for the hypocrisy that’s going on in the name of ‘freedom of speech’, If the government
is not taking any action against so called blatant freedom of speech, We will do whatever is necessary to stop the blasphemous content of our holy prophet, and the whole Muslim Ummah is behind us.
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