Pakistan-The Country of Great People 

The primary objective is to promote the soft image of Pakistan and to make the people aware of the fact that Pakistan is the land of most peaceful and lively nation. Pakistan is not that much backward as many of the people in the world think.
Pakistan is full of potential in every aspect and In'sha'ALLAH soon Pakistan will be a world player.


Islamic Republic of Pakistan
اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان
Islāmī Jomhuri-ye Pākistān
Flag State Emblem
Motto: اتحاد، تنظيم، يقين محکم
Ittehad, Tanzim, Yaqeen-e-Muhkam (Urdu)
"Unity, Discipline and Faith"
Anthem: "Qaumi Tarana"
Capital Islamabad 33°40′N 73°10′E / 33.667°N 73.167°E / 33.667; 73.167
Largest city Karachi
Official languages Urdu (National) English (Government)
Regional languages Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Seraiki and Balochi Demonym

Pakistan,a country with all the resources and potential. Pakistan have a great potential according to every aspect, although its not being fully utilized but still Pakistan stand among the front line states.

In the section given below, the potential of Pakistan and Pakistanis is briefly discussed:

1:Above all, Pakistan has one of the biggest human resource capital.

2:Pakistan enjoys a great strategic importance. Pakistan links the major regions of the world, the cross road to China, India , Iran, Central Asia and Russia pass through Pakistan.

3.:Pakistan has a great potential in the power generation sector. According to a survey conducted by WAPDA ( Water and Power Development authority) Pakistan have potential to produce 30,000 MW ( Mega Watts ) of hydroelectricity. Pakistan also have a great potential in the solar power generation sector. Power generation from winds and other natural resources like coal, Kerosene oil and etc is also very favorable in country.

4:Most of the major trade routes of the region pass through Pakistan.

5:Pakistan owns the only deep sea port in the region, which the only easy and cheapest sea port for China, Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asia and Russia.

6:Pakistan have a great army, which is well equipped and professional.Pak Army stands on fifth rank among the world armies according to strength. the Pak army have proved itself throughout the history.

7:Allah Almighty have blessed Pakistan with beautiful terrain. Pakistan is about 1600 Km in height and around 800 Km width. Pakistan covers large areas of deserts, mountains, plains, marshes and deltas. The Tourism have a great scope in the country. Pakistan attracts the mountaineers from all over the world as the second largest peak K2 is in Pakistan.Tourist resorts are well developed and easily acessable.

8:Nature has provided us with a great opportunity, that it has provided us one of the biggest natural resources reserves in the world. All most all of the natural resources are found in the country. Starting from ores like iron and copper to radioactive elements like uranium and polonium all are found in Pakistan. 99% of the natural elements are found in a district named Karak in NWFP. oil gas and other fossil fuels are also found in large quantities. This a brief summery of potential of Pakistan, but not the whole. This proves that Pakistan will soon prosper and flourish and soon will be a super power. In'sha'ALLAH.

For whom We love
For whom We hate
For whom We fight
For whom We Die
That's Pakistan
Pakistan Zindabad

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  1. Its true that Pakistan has alot of talent and InshaAllah one day, the whole world will accept this fact!!!