Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chacha Cricket

Chaudhry Abdul Jalil aka Chacha Cricket is one of Pakistans most ardent and famous cricket mascots and fans. Translated from Urdu Chacha Cricket literally means Uncle Cricket. He was born in Sialkot Punjab on October 8 1949.
Jalil is regularly seen as a spectator at cricket matches involving Pakistan. He is easily recognized by his white beard, his full green shalwar kameez dress and his white cap decorated with a sequined star and crescent moon. He is always armed with a Pakistani flag and initiates many crowd chants.

is second name is Chacha Zaheer In the 1980s Jalil used to work in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates. He gained popularity by regularly attending cricket matches held in Sharjah wearing a green dress with a white star and crescent on it. He later resigned from his job and began to follow the Pakistan national team around the world on a full-time basis. Fellow Pakistan fans began to recognise him and he came to be known as Chacha Cricket. As his fame increased the Pakistan Cricket Board hired him and currently sponsor him to travel around the world following the Pakistan team.

While his support for Pakistan is very strong he remains good-natured and is also a popular figure amongst opposition fans such as Englands Barmy Army.


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