Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Anti-Virus of Pakistan---Instant Virus Killer(IVK)

IVK is the Best Antivirus Solution for complex Viruses, Spywares & Trojans
Two young Pakistani talented computer programmers Hafiz Usman and Syed Imran Ali has made this awesome Anti-Virus which is the first Anti-Virus of Pakistan.Instant Virus Killer provides protection against any type of viruses.If this Anti-Virus is installed in the computer no virus can enter your computer and never the Windows to be re-installed.IVK provides the option of data recovery,the files which are deleted by the Virus and it cleans the corrupted files which can't be cleaned by the other Anti-Viruses,so IVK is dominated on those Anti-Viruses.
Hats off for Hafiz Usman and Syed Imran Ali.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose IVK:

  1. 100% security against viruses, spywares, malwares & hackers.
  2. Restore the Deleted Windows, Data / Formatted Partition in just 10 Seconds.
  3. Recover and repair corrupted Word , Excel , Access documents within 10 seconds.
  4. IVK detect USB viruses immediately on just insertion of USB to your system.
  5. After installing IVK no need to Re-Install Windows ever.


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