Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pakistani Neuro surgeon Dr. Irfan Malik, a darling of London Olympics

Dr.Irfan Malik, a consultant for spine and epilepsy surge at the King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust London, has treated more than five athletes since the start of the Olympics and currently three athletes are undergoing treatment at the hospital under his supervision.
Most of the patients he has been treating are the ones with severe back pain problems, mainly those from the weightlifting category.
The Nishtar Medical College graduate has become a hit with the Olympians after successfully treating Khadzhimurat Akkayev, a Russian weightlifter of Balkar descent, who is an Olympic, world and European champion. Akkayev underwent treatment at various hospitals in Europe but his back pain problem only compounded. He arrived fit in London for the Olympics last month, but developed severe pain again. He was then referred by another athlete who was treated by the Pakistani surgeon a day ago to see the Pakistani doctor who has been practicing in the UK for eight years.
Dr.Malik operated on the athlete’s slipped disc and it took him only three visits to cure the problems of the athlete. The heavyweight lifter is in fit shape now and looks forward to defending his title on 6th of August here.
Speaking to The News, Dr.Irfan Malik said: “I am honoured that I have treated many athletes with back pain and they are now able to compete in their games. I believe it’s an honour for Pakistan’s excellent medical education system which has enabled so many like myself to make our mark through sheer professionalism. The athletes have been delighted to know that they were being treated by a Pakistani spinal neurosurgeon”.
Dr.Malik explained why athletes get back pain issues. “Most common cause of back pain and leg pain is slipped disc. Between two vertebral bodies, there is a jelly like substance (disc). Disc has two main function, 1): Shock absorber and 2): help in weight transfer. Disc has thick outer fibrous coat and inner jelly like substance. Disc has capacity to support certain amount of body weight”. “Sportsmen sometime try to cross the natural boundaries and expose their spine to excessive forces. Due to heavy lifting it can cause extra pressure on disc which can produce small radial tear in the outer coat and jelly like substance can prolapse through this small tear .This jelly can be a cause of severe back pain and leg pain. If this problem gets worse, it needed urgent attention otherwise it can affect an athlete’s career.”
Dr.Malik recently shot to fame after pioneering the ‘minimally-invasive procedure’ also known as the ‘key-hole endoscopic spine surgery’ in the UK. Nearly all British press wrote favourably about the Pakistani surgeon and how he had transformed the lives of so many people through his expertise. He is at the top position in National Health Service (NHS) consultant ratings for last three years. NHS rates its doctors and consultants on the basis of number of patients seen in a year and result of treatment.
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