Friday, August 31, 2012

Rescue 1122

"1122 is very superb service that has been started in 2006 for rescuing patients and the people in trouble...I feel very proud in telling that this is unbelievably wonderful service and its track record is going awesome.Ambulances and firefighters of 1122 reach in maximum 7 minutes to rescue the people...."

"Pakistan is full of these type of instances...I am proud of Pakistan and I love Pakistan." 

Rescue 1122 (Urdu:1122 پنجاب ایمرجنسی) is an emergency service that serves Punjab Province in Pakistan. It was established under the 2006 Punjab Emergency Service Act to provide management of emergencies such as fire, rescue and emergency medical services. The Punjab Emergency Council and District Emergency Boards have been constituted to ensure management and prevention of emergencies and to recommend measures for mitigation of hazards endangering public safety.Recently its director general is Dr.Rizwan Naseer .
After the success of the Lahore Pilot Project launched in 2004, Rescue 1122 is operational in all Districts of Punjab with a population of over 80 million and providing technical assistance to other Provinces of Pakistan. Rescue 1122 includes Emergency Ambulance, Rescue & Fire services and a Community Safety program.
The District Emergency Officer is responsible for the day to day operational management and administration of the Service in the Districts in close coordination with the District Administration. The office of the Director General is mainly responsible for the overall monitoring to ensure uniformity and quality, training, planning, research and development through the Provincial Monitoring Cell.This Service has now been started in Kheber Pakhtoon Khwah(KPK).
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