Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pakistan-A Peaceful Land country is very peaceful land...Residents of this country are very hospitable and loving.People are very polite and helping.
  • The biggest voluntarily running ambulance service is in the Pakistan...Great Abdul Sattar Edhi sb. created 6.5 decades before this superb Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation and Ambulance Service. 

  • Great Imran Khan made Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital,there is no such a hospital in Pakistan where cancer is treated.Treatment of cancer is very expensive.In this hospital 70 percent patients are treated totally free and some are charged 50 percent and very rich people are charged total expensives.
  • Great Ramzan Chhipa made Ambulance Service "Chhipa",this is also very awesome service working for humanity.

But..............many a people in the America and Europe think that Pakistan is terrorist state.If we go there,we will be killed or kidnapped but there is nothing such type of happening occurs...Pakistan is safe country.Foreigners think that if ,there, we will land in Pakistan,we are to face firing and terrorizing environment of the country.But there is nothing of such type....
Pakistan is safe country and I invite American and European and Russian people to visit Pakistan and see what's the reality...And see beyond that which is obnoxious media is trying to make watch us,because their work is to create hype and make news.

PAKISTAN is simply beautiful...

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