Saturday, September 8, 2012

15 Year Old Boy Became World Record Holder in Oracle and in Managing Director of Microsoft

His name is Muhammad Ammar Afzal From Okara,Pakistan.When he was in 1st grade he bought a laptop and A broad band internet connection. He is an average student of his school, he starts from a basic course c language, he produce a good result brain bench offered him c++ free, Mr Ammar get 5/5 in this exam then they offer him java,he also gets 5/5 in java then stanford university USA bought its rights from brain bench and offer to Ammar study free with Stanford university,Mr.Ammar started Oracle 8,then 8i,then 9,9i then 10 10g then 11 and11g you bleve that he set a world record in through out oracle and became world record holder in oracle in very small age ,one thing i mention that he study whole tese thin through online from Pakistan,then Mr Ammar becom A certified Developer in oracle,then he decided to join Microsoft.Stanford University Referred him to Microsoft For Window development .and due to online technology and internet Mr Ammar Started Study online Free From Microsoft .He started lecture from Microsoft these all achievements is due to online technology and internet if there is no internet and laptop Mr ammar will never became a world record holder in windows development and Oracle .
Mr Ammar have more than 7 time name in Genius Book of world record. his world record is
1.        oracle 8
2.         oracle 8i
3.        oracle 9
4.        oracle 9i
5.        oracle 10
6.        oracle 10 g
7.        oracle 11
8.        oracle 11g
9.       small age windows developer
10.    100% marks in windows development
                  11. fastest repair Atm machine software of a American bank
These all happen due to internet technology  and IT,
After he set the world record in windows development Mr Bilgates announce him As Managing Director All over the word in Microsoft.
could you believe it .now due to IT,and internet technology MR Ammar is now MD Microsoft All Over the worl.if you want any verification go to youtube and chk hi just write world record holder in oracle,or just type md Microsoft all over the world ,you see the videos submitted from Microsoft University, And if you verify genus book of world record just type Ammar  Afzal you see in youtube a link from genus book pf world record,
Now a days Mr.Ammar waiting to become 18 Year old and training as MD Microsoft All over the World.
Now a days Mr.Ammar working on Windows 9, Mr.Ammar is givens 50% work in developing Windows 9 in Pakistan, he has his own software company registered in USA named as He has contract of web and softwares from worlds leading companies,he enjoy luxury life due to modern age IT technology and internet technology, the article is very long but time is short one thing i forget mention Mr.president of United State Barak Hussain Obama send him a appreciate letter, And former Late Chairman of Apple Mr steve Jobs also offer him to join as CO chairman of Apple, but Mr Ammar refuse him due to loyalty with Microsoft his email address is

MD of Microsoft

Brilliant Stanfordian

Muhammad Ammar Afzal Genius Book of World Records 

Muhammad Ammar Afzal

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  1. hahahahaha good prank, also you made media fool. thats really appreciating.