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Farman Ali Khan (Shaheed)-A Real Hero

Pakistani who saved 14 lives honoured by Saudi Arabia

Farman Ali, 32, who belongs to Swat, saved the lives of 14 Saudia who were stranded in flood water in Jeddah during the devastating November 2009 rains. While saving the lives, he died later. A road has also been named after him in Jeddha.May ALLAH Almighty rest his soul in peace.Aameen!

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has hounoured a Pakistani who had laid his life to save 14 others from drowning during torrential rains/flooding in Jeddah back in 2009.
Saudi government has, posthumously, not only bestowed the highest civil award on Farman Ali but also named a highway after him.

This valourous countryman who has now come under a heroic spotlight forever is a martyr as he during those drastic floods gave life to as many as 14 of his fellow countryman but lost his own in the end.

Farman belongs to Swat and has left behind a widow and three daughters. 



Published: October 27, 2011on The News

ISLAMABAD (APP) - A young ordinary Pakistani worker, Farman Ali Khan, who rescued 14 lives during floods in Jeddah, before scarifying his own life had been honoured by the Saudi government with the highest Civil Saudi Award.
Farman Ali Khan will be posthumously awarded the “King Abdul Aziz Medal” of the First Order in appreciation of his heroic humanitarian act, according to an official statement of Saudi Arabia.
“Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah approved the honour for Farman Ali Khan for saving 14 people during the Jeddah floods,” said the statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency on Wednesday. Last March, President Asif Ali Zardari conferred a gallantry medal posthumously on Khan and his wife received the award during a ceremony held at the President’s house in Islamabad on the occasion of the Pakistan National Day. Farman Ali Khan, originally from Swat, was living in Jeddah for seven years where he was running a small shop. When flood came in Jeddah on November 26, 2009, he was sitting in his shop. Many persons got stuck up on that street in the flood water where Farman’s shop was located.
When Farman saw the scene, he couldn’t resist himself and went on to save the lives of people and succeeded in rescuing 14 persons but lost his own life during this rescue efforts. Farman Ali Khan survived by his widow and three daughters Zubaida 7, Madeeha 6 and Jarira 4. Saudi Ambassador in Islamabad also held a meeting with the brother and father of late Farman Ali Khan and paid tribute to Farman Ali Khan and quoted him as an Islamic Hero. The Saudi Ambassador offered financial assistance to Farman brother and father, but they refused to accept any financial assistance. The Saudi Ambassador told the father of Farman Ali Khan that the Saudi Government has decided to name the street with Farman’s name where Farman succumbed while saving the lives of people. The Saudi Ambassador also announced that the Saudi Government will also award Farman Ali Khan with the highest Saudi Civil Award.
Meanwhile, World Assembly of Muslim Youth also paid tribute to Farman Ali Khan for his efforts to save the lives of 14 persons. The Pakistani community in Jeddah also appreciated the efforts of Farman Ali Khan to save the lives of 14 persons and scarified his own life.
The newspapers published detailed stories along with the photos of Farman Ali Khan. The Pakistani community declared Farman as a “hero” and said he was a hero who deserved to be honoured for his humanitarian service during the floods. The community was of the view that Farman, a member of the Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia had proved by sacrificing his life that Pakistanis and Saudis are brothers enjoying close ties. The Pakistani community living in Saudi Arabia was also planning to build a school and mosque in Khan’s district `Khawaza Kheila’ in Swat. “The mosque and the school would be named after Farman Ali Khan in order to remember Khan’s voluntary work for Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Khan, 32, came to Saudi Arabia in 2001 to work in a grocery store located in Jeddah. According to reports, Farman used tire tubes, wooden planks and ropes to save 14 people and he was trying to save the 15th person when the water swept him away.

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